TakeCHARGE Campaign Team Kicks Off 2021 Campaign March 2021

TakeCHARGE is an ambitious campaign started in 2020 by a team of healthcare professionals and community members working together to reduce the risk of medical errors in the United States by encouraging people to be well prepared if they were to become patients.

David Fielding, MPH, BCPA

Even before the pandemic hit, in fact going back more than 20 years, Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy has been a small nonprofit organization with a large reach sounding the warning that if people didn’t take some responsibility for their own safety, the high rate of medical errors in this country would not change.

Ilene Corina, President of Pulse CPSEA, explains, “We all need to work together, and that means people need to prepare by at least starting with the 5 Steps”.

David Fielding, a Board-Certified Patient Advocate and Director Engage Caring Solutions, has been a volunteer helping to lead the effort of TakeCHARGE since the beginning. “We want to keep it fun and interactive as well as highlighting a serious topic,” Fielding says. As a patient advocate for older adults he has seen how poor record keeping of medications and medical records can cause less-than-acceptable outcomes.

To learn more or get involved visit www.TakeCHARGE.care or call (516)579-4711 to book a virtual program and speaker for your community, employees or family.

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