Step 3 Prepare for Doctor Visit: Make a List of Questions


Prepare ahead. Don't wait for the day of your medical visit.

"I had symptoms that I would have forgotten about if I didn't keep a record with me"

Prepare for Doctor or Hospital visits: Make a list of Questions 

Does this sound familiar? You get home from a visit to the doctor and suddenly think of a burning question you wish you’d asked the during your visit an hour earlier.

Questions for clinicians
Nothing can stop that from happening now and then. But it helps to think ahead of time about the reason for the visit and what you hope to get out of it. Talk it over with a friend or family member. Soon you will find yourself with a list of questions ahead of time, all ready to ask. The more prepared you are, the better the results you’re likely to get from your care. Bring pen and paper to the visit to jot down answers.

At the hospital
That goes for visits to a hospital too. Hospitals and other therapy centers can present a whole galaxy of unknown situations and unfamiliar demands. Make a list, ask family to add questions, and bring it with you to the hospital intake, along with pen and paper to note down the answers.

Before your next medical appointment, prepare your questions!

Ask Me 3

Suggested / Sample Questions

  • Do I need a flu shot or pneumonia shot?
  • Why does my knee hurt?
  • Can you tell me more about the new medication the specialist gave me?
  • I bled a lot when I cut my finger last week. Is that a concern?