About The TakeCHARGE Campaign


About TakeCHARGE


The TakeCHARGE Campaign uses “5 Steps to Safer Health Care” to teach patients and their families how to become active members of their care teams and take more responsibility for their own safety. Learning how to be informed patients before a crisis strikes can improve health care outcomes. Preparing someone to be an informed patient when they are already in the health care system and at their most vulnerable is like teaching CPR during someone’s heart attack.

A 2016 report from Johns Hopkins estimated that more than 250,000 people died each year as a result of medical errors. Some studies report much higher numbers. Despite the best efforts (and many successes) of health care providers, the number of patients who die from medical errors each year remains the same: more than 650 deaths per day from medical errors.

The TakeCHARGE Campaign’s approach is unique: to directly reach the general public before they become patients, teaching them to TakeCHARGE of their health care decisions. This is not about health, but health care, the journey to better health. Research shows that when patients are engaged in their health care, there can be measurable improvements in safety and results.

The TakeCHARGE Campaign will help us reach more people!
Your support in helping to spread the TakeCHARGE Campaign message to people who need this information is crucial in making health care safer.

        The 5 Steps to Safer Health Care!

  1. Understand and Complete Your Advance Directives
  2. Keep a Record of Your Medical History and Current Medications
  3. Prepare for Doctor Visits/Make a List of Questions
  4. Prevent Infections/Ask Caregivers To Wash Their Hands
  5. Use an Advocate/Be an Advocate for Others

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TakeCHARGE is a grassroots national campaign sponsored by Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy – Please join and partner with us!