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Help  Share Information About TakeCHARGE!

Become Part of the TakeCHARGE Leadership Team!

Reach the public and share important information on how to become a prepared patient!  Become a TakeCHARGE Ambassador and offer presentations virtually or in person at civic organizations, libraries, faith communities, businesses through Human Resources or anywhere people gather.  No strings attached.  Support from The TakeCHARGE Leadership Team.  No fee to train, no fee to share – just plan to educate the public and maybe even save a life!  To receive the slides and script, there is a 90 minute training strongly suggested.

TakeCHARGE Leaders attend meetings and share information with others Leaders.


Health Care Professionals:

  • Print the TakeCHARGE information for your office for patients and staff (many people who work in health care are not prepared to be patients)
  • Share information with your patients and their families
  • Share the 5 Steps and spread the word—through social media, a press release, presentations, or word-of-mouth—that you want your patients to TakeCHARGE

Business Owners, Corporate Leaders and CEOs:

  • Distribute  TakeCHARGE Campaign information to your staff for them and their family
  • Invite speakers to talk to your staff each month on the topic of the month
  • Remember: better-prepared employees and family members mean less lost work time and improved performance!

Community Members:

  • Become a TakeCHARGE Ambassador and share this information
  • Create community presentations or invite speakers to events 
  • Shoot videos of your friends and neighbors talking about TakeCHARGE. What did they do, why did they do it?
  • Share on social media, develop fun information such as memes; look for articles about each of the 5 Steps, and share them!

Start a TakeCharge Team

Support the campaign and spread the word!

Be sure to let us know what you are doing!

If you want help in developing a presentation or press release,
contact or call (516) 579-4711.

Have you become a partner by simply sharing the TakeCHARGE message?

If so, tell us about it!


Other ideas to share the message! 

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