The TakeCHARGE Presentation


Support others in groups or individually in becoming a well-prepared patient

Additional training and support available upon request.

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No one should go through the health care system alone.  Learn to be a support so they don't have to.


Invite friends, family, business associates, staff, your faith community or civic organizations

A TakeCHARGE presentation lasts approximately one hour: 30-40 minutes of presentation and time for discussion and sharing of experiences that have been helpful to participants.  Program covers the TakeCHARGE Campaign’s “5 Steps to Safer Health Care”.  The TakeCHARGE presentation explains why and how you, a family member or anyone you may be supporting can complete each step while preparing to become a well-prepared patient. 

All presentations are presently virtual.

Sponsors are entitled to a presentation at an agreed upon date and time and may include employees, business associates, community, friends and / or family. 

There is no fee for this presentation for community.

TakeCHARGE! Additional Training

Additional training is perfect for student leaders, community leaders, patient advocates or anyone who would like to offer this presentation to others who will help distribute this information.

5 Steps to Safer Health Care!

  • Learn more about each of the 5 Steps to Safer Health Care

  • Learn how to  assist others as individuals or in groups to understand and complete the 5 Steps 

Learn about the 5 Steps

  • ​Recognize your role as an active and well-prepared patient and how to help others

  • Learn the importance of each of the 5 Steps to Safer Health Care​

  • Be confident to act on each of the 5 Steps to Safer Health Care

Those who take the additional training will receive the slides and script to do community programs.

For more information contact (516) 579-4711 or

TakeCHARGE Program May 9th at 1:30 PM Eastern Time. Registration Required

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To host a program or training or participate in one please contact​ or call (516) 579-4711

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​​Ilene Corina, BCPA, Instructor


Beverly R. James RN, BSN Instructor