Is Your Teen Leaving Home?

Is Your 18-Year-Old Ready to Leave Home?

As young people and their parents start to think about how to prepare for college, don’t forget the 5 Steps to Safer Health Care.

Step #1 – Be sure both you and your 18-year-old child have copies of their healthcare proxy form in case they get sick or have an accident and are unable to speak for themselves, Any responsible adult can serve as proxy surrogate.

Step #2 – Are they leaving with a list of their medications including vitamins and herbs, and their medical history?  Be sure you have copies of both!

Step #3 – Is your child prepared to speak to a doctor if they feel sick, dizzy, overly tired or depressed? Make sure they can plan to tell their full story to the clinician caring for them.

Step #4 – Have you reminded them of the importance of hand-washing? Not just their own hands; it’s OK to remind a clinician to wash before touching them. It may be a lifesaving request.

Step #5 – Maybe your child could learn to be an advocate for other students, and they should plan on having someone be their advocate if they do end up getting sick. Plan now!

TakeCHARGE. 5 Steps to Safer Health Care

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