Michael died because no one at any of the hospitals I took him to  would listen to me that something was wrong.

The TakeCHARGE Campaign empowers people to be heard.                                                     Ilene Corina, Michael's Mom

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Would it be worth $250 a year to potentially save a life?
If you think that prepared patients have better medical outcomes…

Please consider becoming a sponsor of this important project. The Pulse Center was started following the founder’s tragic loss of her young son due to a series of preventable medical errors, in an effort to save others from suffering the same fate. The TakeCHARGE campaign seeks to reach more people with a simplified 5 Steps to Patient Safety.

As thanks for your $250 tax deductible sponsorship, we will include your name, logo and link to your website on the home page of the TakeCHARGE Campaign website for an entire year and your logo will be shown on the TakeCHARGE Campaign newsletter updates. If you are not a business and would like to donate in honor or memory of someone, we can put that information instead of a logo.

Sponsors are entitled to an interactive 45-minute presentation, at an agreed on date and time, about TakeCHARGE for staff, clients, colleagues, community members and their families.  Sponsors name and logo will be on all marketing materials for presentation. Learn why here

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  • Send your logo or additional instructions to TheTakeChargeCampaign@gmail.com and be sure to include in the e-mail the name on the credit card you used to pay.

Please contact icorina@pulsecenterforpatientsafety.org for more information.

TakeCHARGE is a program of Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy

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