This Page Will Give You Some Ideas How to Share Information About TakeCHARGE: 5 Steps to Safer Health Care.

Ways to share information about TakeCHARGE!   

Below are memes.  Use a meme generator or make your own.


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Make a video. Homemade or find some online. 

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Anaiya Promotes Handwashing 

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Learn About TakeCHARGE

Some Helpful Things to Remember:

  • TakeCHARGE promotes the patient and advocates role in patient safety
  • Medical professionals are often overworked and short staffed. Patients need to be better involved to reduce errors
  • TakeCHARGE is for the public BEFORE becoming a patient - plan ahead!
  • TakeCHARGE covers the 5 Steps most supported in educating the publicand now they are all in one place


More You Can Do:

  • Write blog posts
  • Send a press release
  • Order business cards, bookmarks, t-shirts